We are gradually resuming meetings in the church building. Please click here for details.

Sunday service procedures

The meetings will begin at 11am and 6.30pm. There will be no congregational singing.

There will be no refreshments after the service so please remember to bring a drink with you in case you get thirsty.

You will be welcomed at the door by the front door steward who will offer you hand sanitizer and make a note of your name (see below). Alternatively, you may wish to wash your hands in the toilets (men's, women's or disabled). You should use the hand sanitizer on the wall by the toilets sign before entering the toilets. Use of each of the toilets is limited to one person at a time. Please observe the hygiene instructions posted inside each of the toilets.

Keep your personal belongings with you at all times and remember to take them home again.

Please wear a suitable face covering at all meetings and services you attend at TPBC. Masks will be available from the front door steward if you have not brought your own.

Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible. Please allow the stewards to open and close doors for you. Church Bibles and hymn books are out of use. The Bible readings will be projected but you may also like to bring your own Bible.

Please allow the stewards to direct you. This may feel strange at first, especially as we are all so familiar with using the building. Observe social distancing at all times keeping at least 2m apart as much as possible. Please do not congregate in the foyer. Government guidance states that children should stay with their household.

We will enter and leave the meeting hall through the main door. You will be directed to a seat by the seating steward either on the ground floor or in the gallery. The foyer stairs and the gallery door are not in use (except for emergency evacuation of the building). Households/social bubbles should sit together. Each individual or group will be seated in such a way as to maintain social distancing. The boxes for giving have been removed, instead there is a bowl on the front pew by the doors for gifts. 

After the meeting minimise social interaction inside the building and maintain 2m between households.

If you need anything please ask a steward.

The following rooms are out of bounds except to people in brackets: pastor’s study (pastor), kitchen (pastor, stewards), small meeting room (pastor, elder, deacon), foyer stairs, landing and large meeting room (treasurer). Please observe any No Entry signs.

A record of attendance will be kept for 21 days and details passed on to NHS Test and Trace if required. This record will be held in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations. Anyone who has attended a meeting and develops COVID-19 symptoms should contact the church secretary (Kevin) as soon as possible.

Any flowers should be prepared off-site and brought ready for display.

These procedures will be posted on the noticeboard in the foyer and on the website. A summary will be displayed in the window.

Arrangements for live Zoom streaming of services can be found here.