New Zoom recording posted for Sunday 14th August 2022 - Matthew 19:16-30


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We are people from diverse countries, backgrounds and cultures, and of different ages, but all living in north London.

We are Christians, people who have personally experienced the love of God in Jesus Christ and want other people to learn about and experience that same love.

We regularly meet together to worship God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit and according to the Bible.

We welcome all who would like to meet with us, whether you are already a Christian or just wanting to find out more.

You are warmly invited!

As we gradually resume our full programme of meetings following the removal of Covid-19 restrictions some meetings are taking place in the church building but are also being streamed live on Zoom, some are taking place solely on Zoom and some are suspended. Details of current arrangements are on the page for each meeting. If you would like to join a meeting on Zoom please contact us for details.