Regular Meetings

Sunday Services

Our main meetings take place each week on Sundays when we have services at 11.00 in the morning and 6.30 in the evening. Our services typically involve singing hymns, prayer, reading the Bible, and preaching – when the message of a passage from the Bible is explained. Currently the evening service is also streamed on Zoom.

Prayer and Bible Study Meeting

Our Tuesday evening meeting starts at 8pm and usually lasts until about 9.15pm. We are presently meeting online using Zoom. We begin with a time of Bible study, where we look in some detail at particular passages to understand their teaching and relevance for us. There is always time for questions and discussion about the passage being studied, or other related matters. Thus, we hear from God before we speak to God in our prayer.

Women's Reading Group

Join us on Wednesday at 8.30pm (currently online using Zoom) for our women’s reading group. A chance during the week to discuss and look more into God’s word. A relaxing time for people wanting to gain more understanding or for those well versed in the word to discuss further. Get ready for in-depth discussions where no question is off limits.