Online Resources

The following resources are available from the links below.

Morning service recordings When the 2020 lockdown ended and Sunday morning services in the church building were able to resume we started to live stream those services for those unable to attend in person. Recordings of the sermons were also placed online and remain available. Since then we have continued to post audio recordings of the morning sermon.

2020 lockdown Sunday recordings Each week during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 when places of worship were closed our pastor recorded a video sermon and also suggested how we might incorporate watching that video into a time of worship at home on Sunday morning. These videos and suggestions remain available.

Recommended resources There are plenty of online resources available for reading and hearing the Bible, the Word of God, and to find help in understanding its message. This page lists some recommendations for Christians who desire to grow in their understanding and faith. If you are not a Christian but interested to find out more about Christianity then there is much here that will help.