We are gradually resuming meetings in the church building. Please click here for details.

Sunday Services

Bible on lectern


Our main meetings take place each week on Sundays when we have services at 11.00 in the morning and 6.30 in the evening.

Do I have to be a Christian to come to a service?

No, anyone is warmly welcome to come. Although most of the people present are likely to be Christians already, none of us started out as Christians. Even people who are not interested in becoming a Christian are welcome to join us. After all, if Christianity claims to be from God then we all really ought to at least find out what it has to say. You don’t need to be religious or a church-goer in order to come. You won’t be asked to do anything other than listen, although we sincerely hope that everyone who comes, for whatever reason, will in the end want to become a Christian and join in.  

What happens in a service?

Our services typically involve singing hymns, prayer, reading the Bible, and preaching – when the message of a passage from the Bible is explained. There will also be some announcements about other meetings taking place during the week and other news of interest to the church. Services usually last for 60-70 minutes. We do not take up a collection of money, although there are boxes near the door for those who wish to make a donation towards the work of the church.

In the morning service on the second Sunday of each month and the evening service on the last Sunday we hold communion towards the end of the service.

After every service we serve refreshments and everyone is welcome to stay to talk. This can be a good opportunity to get to know other people or to talk with the minister if you have questions or concerns.

​Do I need to bring a Bible?

If you have a Bible and would like to bring it along, then please do so. If you do not have a Bible, or yours is a different version from the one we use in our services, then we have plenty of Bibles available. We give out the page numbers so that you can find easily the place where we are reading.

​Can I bring my children?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your children to the services. In the morning there is a Sunday School class in another room which takes place during the preaching in the second half of the service.

What if my children are making too much noise?

There is a separate room with an audio link so that you can take your children out of the service and still hear what is happening.

Are there facilities for mothers with babies?

Yes, there are baby changing facilities and a private space can be made available if needed.