Sunday 3rd May - Matthew 6:9

Welcome to the TP online service for Sunday 3rd May 2020

  • Notices are at the end of the morning worship
  • Hymns are suggested for reading/singing in your morning worship. These are all available with music in the Christian Hymns app (details are on our Online resources page and I recommend the paid for version which costs 99p). Alternatively, use your own hymn book or look online to find the words and music or to choose your own hymns

Morning, 11.00

  • Read Psalm 103:13-18
  • Hymn: The Lord is King; lift up your voice (54)
  • Prayer: Praise and thank our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour
  • Read Ephesians 1:1-23
  • Prayer: Bring your own requests to the Lord with thanksgiving
  • Hymn: Great is Thy faithfulness (106) and/or O Father, You are sovereign (113)
  • Watch the video below by clicking on the play arrow in the centre of the thumbnail. The reading is Matthew 6:9-13
  • Spend a little more time responding to the Lord in prayer
  • Hymn: Behold the amazing gift of love (364) and/or Behold, what wondrous grace (607)
  • Watch the notices in the video below


Evening, 6.30

If you are able then join us for our Sunday evening Zoom@TP meeting. The meeting number and PIN are the same as we use for our Tuesday evening prayer meeting. Please contact Martin if you need a reminder. If you can't join us, then do set aside time for private prayer and intercession.

We unite this evening with Christians all over the world in prayer to our Lord who is sovereign over all the events of life. Let us cry out to Him for mercy and for grace, that this plague may end, that the needs of people will be met and, above all, for people young and old to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. Pray that we Christians may give a good testimony of trust in the Lord and that we may see a great revival in the church.
How can we pray particularly in regard to the pandemic? (Here are some further thoughts to add to the list from previous weeks)
  • Praise God who is merciful, not dealing with us as deserve, but is long-suffering and calling people to repent
  • Be thankful for skilful and committed people working in many walks of life to help us all in many different ways
  • Pray for those living in particularly vulnerable circumstances both at home and overseas
  • Pray for those whose livelihood, employment and businesses are at risk
  • Pray for factual, accurate and clear reporting in the media
  • Pray that this will be a time of spiritual renewal and growth for Christians and churches
  • Pray for the healing of the sick, the comfort of the bereaved and the relief of the needy
  • Pray for wisdom for those charged with leading the nation, especially as they need to consider when and how the lockdown measures can be eased