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Humility and adversity

Submitted by martinleech on Mon, 08/02/2021 - 16:23

Many would say that the coronavirus pandemic has been the biggest catastrophe we have faced since the Second World War. It would be hard to argue with that. The impact is being felt globally, even if the degree varies between countries. The human and economic toll is enormous. However, there is also optimism that we will find the answer and get through it in the end, that better days are coming. I read an article in which the author wrote of why we should be optimistic and not fall for what she referred to as doom-mongering, that we shall never escape the pandemic. Her reasoning? History shows pandemics end and, in this case, we have effective and adaptable vaccines. I share her hope, though for not exactly the same reasons.

On the other hand, I don't share the underlying presumption, and even implicit arrogance, of the optimism that 'we can work it out'. I think we all need a far greater degree of humility in the face of the adversity of this pandemic than is being shown. We are already seeing the possibility of vaccine-resistant strains arising; we do not know for sure that the virus will mutate itself into a less harmful strain. We can hope the pandemic will ease, but we need to be careful about assuming it will. There is good reason to show humility in the face of this adversity. Humility because of the virus, but humility before God. We live in a world in which so many feel no sense of obligation to God and no desire to know Him. This is wrong. Trouble and suffering belong to a fallen, godless world. They serve as a sign of God's anger with us because we have put ourselves upon the throne and we disregard or insult Him, the true Lord. They also serve as a warning from God of greater trouble to come at the final judgement. It is time to humble ourselves before Him, to admit our sin, to repent and to seek the Lord's forgiveness, while He may still be found in Jesus.