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On the radio

Submitted by martinleech on Tue, 02/03/2021 - 15:19

I often put the radio on when I'm in the kitchen. At lunchtime I caught the tail end of a discussion about (I think) spending our time well and coping during this next phase of the lockdown - which clearly still has quite a few weeks to run. The final speaker's suggestion was, 'read well' and suggested some good novels. I absolutely agreed, though maybe not with his choice of novel! I was reminded of an entry I put on this blog nearly a year ago about using our time well. Here is what I wrote...

It would be all too easy to bemoan what, for now, we can’t do in our spare time. Instead, let’s turn that sort of attitude on its head and give thought to what we can do. All of us need some ‘me-time’. We need to look after our physical and mental health. So, we might exercise at home and, if able, get out for a while for some fresh air. Yes, there will be plenty on offer to watch on TV and streaming or to listen to on the radio, but how about dusting off some books and reading? There is an opportunity to take up a new hobby or restart an old one. In choosing what to do with our spare time, we ought to prioritise our spiritual life and grasp the opportunity to give more time to studying God’s Word. There is no better mental or spiritual exercise and downloads can be listened to during a walk or run; you can watch or hear helpful Bible teaching on TV, radio and online, as well as read books. There is no finer pastime!

Some suggestions for online resources for Bible study and ministry are here.