The Sunday evening (6.30pm) service is suspended for the rest of this year

Pastor's Blog


Submitted by martinleech on Mon, 05/10/2020 - 15:35

Right from the beginning of the COVID 'lockdown' we were able to move the ministry of our church online. For over six months we have relied, in the beginning completely and latterly a little less, on the internet to gives us the means to carry on meeting. Even now, meeting as we are at our church building for Sunday morning services, we are still using Zoom for our other meetings. We are also livestreaming the morning service for those unable to attend in person.

Harvest is past

Submitted by martinleech on Mon, 21/09/2020 - 15:30

For many years I lived in rural East Anglia in a very small village, a hamlet I suppose, surrounded by the fields, meadows, trees and hedgerows of countryside and farmland. We were used to observing the passing of the seasons as we saw the colours and contents of the landscape changing during the course of a year. The empty brown fields would start to show a flush of green over the winter months and then would burst into life in spring as crops grew, trees would green up as leaves budded and grew...

The Lord does not change

Submitted by martinleech on Mon, 14/09/2020 - 15:14

As of today, we have a new set of rules for social distancing - notably the 'rule of six'. Listening to the various discussions, it is clear that clarity is lacking in the minds of many about where we are with guidelines! We are not helped by the differences between the four nations of the UK, nor by there being tighter local measures in some places, nor by the variety of requirements in different settings. I am sure most of us will make every effort to abide, some will not, but that is human nature.